New Orleans Area General Contractor Services

As a licensed general contractor, Keta specializes in all types of construction. New builds, renovations, tenant improvements, conversions, expansions, and more—at Keta, we pride ourselves on handling every kind of job that comes our way. Working in all sectors and at all scales, we guide you through every step of the construction process, from start to finish. Our services include:


Many of our clients already know what they need for their facilities, but not everyone does. If you don’t already have plans for your job, we work with you to determine the needs for your space. We can provide plans with our partner architects to create the perfect vision for you and your company.


We know how important it is to stay not just on task but on budget. That’s why we work closely with you on every decision in the process, to ensure that you retain control over the design, and that what you build, you can afford. We work with budgets of all sizes, and throughout the process, we minimize surprises so you know exactly where you stand at all times.


We subcontract all our jobs, and work with the finest subcontractors in their fields. Once the budget for your project is set, our subs come in and work with efficiency, professionalism, and pride. We keep you abreast of their progress, setting solid benchmarks and timeframes all the way through the actual construction.


As your project nears its end, we help to secure all the necessary permits and certifications required for you to move in. We help you through your final inspections and punch lists, so that you can receive your certificate of occupancy with a minimum of hassle. Our reputation rests on your satisfaction, so we take the completion process seriously.

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